Hello World Part 2

Time to hit the reset button and try this again.  I had to put the blog on hold for all of 2015 due to work, school and some unexpected life events.  However, I did continue to invest on a regular basis and have made very good progress towards my ultimate goal of retiring early.  I’ll be updating everyone with some 2015 investing review posts in the coming weeks.

At work I became a supervisor in the end of 2014 which I previously wrote about, then became a shift leader for a 24/7 control center in the beginning of 2015 and finally the manager of the same control center shortly thereafter due to several personnel departures in a very short time frame.  Basically went from just an employee to being charge of 15+ people in a less than 8 months increasing my work hours from 45 to 70+ per week along with 1-2 hours of working at home catching up on paperwork each night.  The military, like any large organization can be very similar to a corporate environment once you start moving up in the ranks and my life has become one filled with meetings, briefings, paperwork and dealing with employee issues non-stop.

On top of this I’ve continued working toward my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and am now over 1/3 of the way done by taking classes online throughout the year and should pass the half-way mark at the end of 2016.  I also got a chance to travel to Texas this past summer for several weeks of training in San Antonio which I combined with some leave days visiting Denver, the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque New Mexico (saw all the Breaking Bad film locations 🙂 ), and Austin, Texas (along with a fun night at 6th Street seeing a ton of live music and drinking way too much beer).

While my workload at my job won’t be decreasing anytime soon, I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve adapted and can manage it better without needing to work so many hours so I’ll be returning to blogging and interacting with fellow members of the DGI/early retirement community online in the coming weeks.

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    1. Yeah, I think I took on way too much and the blog along with quite a few of my hobbies got pushed to the side in 2015. Trying to get work/life back in balance again going forward. Hope things are going well.

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