October 2014 Balance Sheet

Today I’ll be sharing my personal balance sheet, listing all of my assets and liabilities to figure out what my current net worth is. Tracking your net worth is a good exercise in my opinion since it provides you a quick snapshot of your financial life.

Overall October was an okay month with a small gain. Considering most of the losses were due to an expense heavy month being on vacation with family and the continued value decline of my car, I’ll take it. Note: the +/- after each category total represents the change only from the prior month.


Emergency Fund: $4502.51 (+0.37). Thinking about possibly dropping this amount down a bit to free up some money to invest with over the next few months. Having 6 months of expenses saved up is nice but with a steady job working for Uncle Sam and very low interest rates, it’d be nice to be able to put some of this money to work.

Cash Savings: $2975.96 (-831.91).

Roth IRA: $13,186.12 (+343.87). After maxing out this account earlier in the summer, it’s just riding the ups and downs of the market at this point along with dripping dividends.

Brokerage: $15,166.03 (+1932.22). Bought some more KMI, rest is due to market gains.

Loyal3: $3365.81 (+32.39).

Thrift Savings Plan: $1661.10 (+109.73). I started contributing a small portion of my paycheck to the TSP in March, splitting my contributions between a S&P 500 and a small-cap stock index fund. This is the one portfolio where I’m investing primarily for total return as these funds do not pay dividends. However, they do have some of the lowest expense ratios you can find in a retirement plan.

Auto Worth: $4316.00 (-318.00). The value of my ‘ole Chevy sedan continues to slowly decline as to be expected. The only reason I include it here is that is is the one non-financial “asset” that if I ever needed to sell, could probably get close to its market value. Also a nice reminder each month to not think of cars as an investment.

Assets Total: $45,173.53 (+1,268.67).


Credit Cards: $833.25 (+422.40). As I never carry a balance on my cards and the billing cycles ends in the middle of each month, this is simply my current balance at the end of the month. Like a lot of personal finance bloggers, I’m only in it for the rewards! ;)

Net Worth: $44,340.28 (+846.27). Overall a solid month, especially after a lot of expenses.


How was your October for finances? Do you track your net worth and if so, are there any other items you track? Share below with a comment and thanks for reading!


    1. SA Dividend,

      The market’s gains have definitely made it more difficult to find new buying opportunities but I still think there’s plenty of good values out there-IBM, KMI, BP, and CVX come to mind as some I wouldn’t mind adding to at these levels.

      Best regards,

    1. Thanks payyourselffirst! I just checked out your blog, good stuff, I look forward to following you.

      I started investing in the TSP prior to the Roth option being available and haven’t really though about switching it over. Since I already have a Roth IRA, I kind of like diversifying my retirement accounts a bit with both pre-tax and post-tax set-ups. I figure whatever I put in the TSP I probably won’t be touching until “normal” retirement age anyway (unless it gets rolled over to a Roth IRA after I leave the AF) so I don’t count it in my early retirement plans. I only invest a small % of my pay each month in the TSP to take advantage of the small fess and gain exposure to small caps, I much prefer to in invest in individual stocks through my Roth and taxable accounts.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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