June 2014 Balance Sheet

Today I’ll be sharing my personal balance sheet, listing all of my assets and liabilities to figure out what my current net worth is. Tracking your net worth is a good exercise in my opinion since it provides you a quick snapshot of your financial life.

Overall June was a solid month, continuing to increase my net worth by more than the amount I’m saving each month. Just shows you what happens when you use your money to buy cash producing assets. Note: the +/- after each category total represents the change only from the prior month.


Emergency Fund: $4501.38 (.37). Yay for interest! 😉

Cash Savings: $4854.53 (-1277.72). One large order of Deere stock will do that for ya. The majority of the rest is set aside for all the up-front expenses moving off-base will incur: security deposit, furniture, etc.

Roth IRA: $13,169.64 (+2476.72). Added 23 shares of Deere (DE).

Brokerage: $10,851.84 (+243.49). Just following the ups and downs of the market at this point. With my Roth now maxed out for the year, I’ll start adding to this account once again.

Loyal3: $2479.68 (+451.12). Added to my position in Target (TGT) and opened a new one in Dr. Pepper Snapple (DPS).

Thrift Savings Plan: $1305.38 (+128.53). I started contributing a small portion of my paycheck to the TSP in March, splitting my contributions between a S&P 500 and a small-cap stock index fund. This is the one portfolio where I’m investing primarily for total return as these funds do not pay dividends. However, they do have some of the lowest expense ratios you can fund in a retirement plan.

Auto Worth: $5298.00 (-418). I guess the market or Kelly Blue Book anyways doesn’t like 10 year old Chevy’s. The only reason I include it here is that is is the one non-financial “asset” that if I ever needed to sell, could probably get close to its market value. Also a nice reminder each month to not think of cars as an investment.

Assets Total: $42,485.45 (+1604.51).


Credit Cards: $93.13 (-131.08). As I never carry a balance on my cards and the billing cycles ends in the middle of each month, this is simply my current balance at the end of the month. Like a lot of personal finance bloggers, I’m only in it for the rewards! 😉

Net Worth: $42,392.32 (+1735.59). Back on track after an expense heavy May ate into my returns.


Disclosure: I am long DE, TGT, and DPS.

How was your June for finances? Do you track your net worth and if so, are there any other items you track? Share below with a comment and thanks for reading!




  1. Hi SfZ,

    Looks like something is wrong with your ‘total assets’ value.
    Says $424 million at the moment.. I wish it was true for you! 😉

    Your cash + emergency fund = $9k at the moment.
    Isn’t that a bit too much? I started this journey with €5k, because I thought €10k was too much to keep in cash.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to seeing you add more positions to your brokerage account.

    Best wishes. DfS

    1. Thanks for catching that DfS, amazing what a missed parentheses and commas does to change everything. 😉

      Yeah I’m definitely holding more cash right now than I’d like but I have quite a bit of one time expenses coming up related to moving out of my military housing like security deposit, furniture, etc. Once everything is paid for, I’ll be dumping the rest into more stocks.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      Best wishes,

  2. Gotta love the interest we all get in our emergency fund these days! 😉 This is why I am slowly building my P2P lending accounts. I’m hoping to one day use my P2P accounts to substitute for an emergency fund. Riskier than a savings account, but not by much considering I should have thousands of notes that I will be receiving payment on.

    Keep up the progress! AFFJ

    1. I know right? And I think the amount actually went down this month compared to last. 🙂

      I’ve started looking into P2P as well after talking to Brandon over at Military Finance Report about it. Seems like a good place to put some cash, though I think I’ll still focus on dividend growth stocks as my primary investing strategy. I don’t know how comfortable I would be putting too much of my emergency fund there though. Even though it barely earns anything, it is nice knowing its readily available if anything happens.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting AFFJ!

      Best wishes,

  3. SFZ.

    Great month. Keep up the great work. You are making some major moves in your portfolio adding many solid companies (DE, TGT, DPS).

    Cheers to a great July.

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats

  4. Looks good man, been following you for a little while now thanks to the Dividend Mantra. impressive numbers to age ratio!
    Nice to see there are other people in there early 20’s taking charge of their finances.
    keep grindin bro!

    1. Hey Ace, thanks for stopping by and commenting man! Always cool to meet fellow bloggers around my age that are also into finances and stock investing, cool stuff. Just checked out your blog, looks like you got a great start so far. Portfolio looks really good as well. I’ll be adding you to my reading list, I look forward to following your posts.

      Best wishes,

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