Updating my Potential Buy List

Time to share my current Buy List of dividend growth stocks. These are stocks I have done research on and are on my short list of potential stocks to buy soon. I like to keep such a list to help me narrow down my purchases each month and keep me on track. The stocks listed are separated into two categories, Stocks I Currently Own, and New Stocks.

First, the stocks I currently own that I consider would like to purchase more of at current market prices.

Chevron (CVX)-My original cost basis for the oil major was around $120 a share and it is currently trading below that at $117. The company has paid out growing dividends to shareholders for 26 straight years. The current P/E is 10.61 which compares favorably with its 5 year average of 10.3.

Coca-Cola (KO)-The king of dividend growth stocks. 😉 With a current P/E of 20 I consider KO to be fairly valued and have been accumulating shares using my Loyal3 account recently and plan on continuing to do so as long as the stock remains around $40 a share.

General Electric (GE)-General Electric has been doing all of the right things lately as they continue to recover from the recession and the dividend cut that ensued. The firm has gradually been reducing the size of its financial arm and going back to its industrial conglomerate roots. With over a $200 billion dollar backlog of orders, the company is on track to get back its status as a blue chip dividend payer.

McDonald’s (MCD)-Another stock currently trading at what I consider fair value. While MCD doesn’t have as much of a margin of safety in the share price as I’d normally like, with a very long-term investing horizon, I feel comfortable paying up a little for a quality stock as I detailed here.

Philip Morris (PM)-With 2014 slated to be an investment year for the company, the stock has taken a bit of a hit recently, currently trading 16% below its 52 week high. I originally initiated a position at $89 so I would be thrilled to be able to pick up some more at almost $10 a share less.

Target (TGT)-Between the data breach and not so great start to its expansion in Canada, TGT has taken quite a bit of a hit recently and is now trading 19% below its 52 week high. Although I expect the dividend growth to slow over the short-term due to its recent troubles, I expect TGT to recover and continue to be an excellent long-term holding. Like KO, I plan on continuing to dollar cost average into the stock each month using Loyal3.

Now for stocks that would be new positions for my portfolio.

Aflac (AFL)-While AFL doesn’t have a high starting yield at 2.4% the stock has a great dividend growth rate history with averages of 8.1% and 16.8% for the past 5 and 10 years respectively. The biggest thing the dividend champion has going for it right now is a great valuation with a P/E of just 9.3 which is a discount to both its historical P/E and that of its sector.

General Mills (GIS)-Similar to MCD, General Mills isn’t trading with very much of a margin of safety with a P/E of 18.7, slightly above its 5 year average of 16. I’d really like to add this stock to my portfolio this year but will be waiting for a pullback before I make a purchase.

Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI)-Kinder Morgan is a company I’ve been reading a lot about recently and wouldn’t mind adding it here at current prices where it currently trading at $31, down from its 52 week high of $41.49. Nice combination of a high starting yield, high dividend growth rate, and an attractive entry point.


Full Disclosure: I am long CVX, KO, GE, MCD, PM, TGT. Check out all of my holdings here. This post is meant for educational/entertainment purposes only and should not be considered as a buy or sell recommendation for any stock mentioned.

What do you think of these stocks? Do you hold any of these in your portfolio or looking to add them? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


  1. If you arent already overinvested in the energy, its a great place to add more. CVX and KMI are attractively valued at current levels and a great buy here. I have reached a level where I dont want to add more to the energy sector, so I am going to be investing elsewhere.

    I am long CVX, KMI.

    1. While I would eventually like to be more balanced by sector like your portfolio, I’m okay with buying whatever has the best value right now knowing more purchases later this year and in the future will help balance it out. I believe proper sector allocation and individual stock allocation is really important when it comes the time to actually live off of the passive income the portfolio produces, but being in the early years of the accumulation phase, I feel comfortable over-weighting my stocks in whatever presents good value at the moment. I used the same “loading up” strategy last year and into January with Realty Income to boost my portfolio’s yield and help jump start the dividend income. At of the end of last month O made up almost 25% of my overall portfolio. Not an ideal allocation by any means but I know I’ll only be looking at other companies the rest of the year which will gradually decrease it. If I go with an energy pick this month, that’ll probably be my last one for a while, I just hate to pass up a bargain in the market though. 😉
      Thanks for commenting!

      Best wishes,

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