Monthly Investing Recaps: February 2014

Okay, so with the 2013 Recap, January Recap, and this post, I’ve caught all of you up on all my investing action since I started from zero in January 2013. đŸ™‚
I will continue doing these posts once a month highlighting all the buy and sell activity I made throughout the previous month in my Brokerage, Roth IRA, and Loyal3 accounts.

Overall February was a pretty boring month as I continued to save up for moving out into my first apartment this summer. I should have enough saved up by the middle of April, when I can get back to investing larger amounts per month. I also will be starting to invest again in my Thrift Savings Plan account at work in March in a S&P 500 index fund which I will be including in future Monthly Investing Recaps.

Okay, so here is a rundown of my buy/sell activity for February.


Buys: 03 Feb: 1.3344 shares of Coca-Cola (KO) @ $37.47 per share.

18 Feb: 1.3298 shares of Coca-Cola (KO) @ $37.60 per share.

Quick Hits: As I mentioned in my January Recap post, I consider KO fairly valued below $40 a share and the most attractive stock in the Loyal3 catalog to invest in right now.

Brokerage and Roth IRA: No activity this month in these accounts.


Full Disclosure: I am long KO. This post is not intended to be a buy or sell recommendation on any stock mentioned and is designed for educational purposes only. Only you are responsible for your investing and I always encourage you to conduct your own research prior to investing. Good luck!


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