Monthly Dividend Income: February 2014

Each month I plan on sharing all of my income received from dividends. These dividends are what I’ll eventually use to live off of when I become financially independent.

Here is February’s dividend income from my 3 stock investment accounts: Brokerage, Roth IRA, and Loyal3. I collect all dividends in my taxable brokerage account as cash and manually reinvest them along with new contributions each month either in the same account or into my Loyal3 account. All dividends are automatically reinvested into the same stocks in my Roth.

Dividends Received

Brokerage: $41.35

AT&T (T): $18.86

Realty Income (O): $19.86

Powershares Financial Preferred (PGF): $2.63

Roth IRA: $21.12

AT&T (T): $12.11-reinvested into .374 shares @ $32.37 per share.

Apple (AAPL): $6.23-reinvested into .011 shares @ 540.21 per share.

Realty Income (O): $2.78-reinvested into .066 shares @ $41.70 per share.

Loyal3: $0. No dividends yet as this is still a fairly new account that I just opened in January.

February Total: $62.47. This was a good month as I received dividends from AT&T, one of my larger holdings and I got a nice increase from Realty Income as I purchased more shares in January. This brings my 2014 year to date total at $98.45 or 9.8% of my goal of $1000 in dividend income for the year. Although 1000 seems like an unreachable goal based off of these first few months, I remain confident I’ll be able to reach it (or at least come very close 😉 ). My dividend income should start increasing in the coming months as I start getting dividends from all my new KO purchases and once I get back to investing half of my take home pay once I get all my apartment money saved up.


Full Disclosure: I am long T, O, PGF, and AAPL. This post is not intended to be a buy or sell recommendation on any stock mentioned and is designed for educational purposes only. Only you are responsible for your investing and I always encourage you to conduct your own research prior to investing. Good luck!

How was your February for dividend income? Do you have any dividend income goals you are trying to reach this year?


  1. That’s a pretty solid February, and having looked over your portfolio’s you are well on your way to really developing a nice steady stream of growing dividend income. Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to following along!

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