February 2014 Balance Sheet

Hello there! Today I’ll be sharing my personal balance sheet, listing all of my assets and liabilities to figure out what my current net worth is. Tracking your net worth is a good exercise and something not many people do on a regular basis. While it doesn’t show how much dividend income I’m pulling in, which is how I plan on achieving financial independence early, it does provide a good overall snapshot of my financial life. Note: the +/- after each category total represents the change only from the prior month.


Cash Savings: $7787.52 (+$1196.64). Nice increase from last month as I continue to pack away money in anticipation of moving out of the barracks this summer. $4500 of this continues to be my Emergency Fund.

Roth IRA: $6652.03 (+199.06). Haven’t added any new money yet this year so this increase was all a combination of market gains and dividends received. Once I finish saving up for my apartment and adjusting my emergency fund to match my new monthly expenses, I plan on dumping all extra savings into this at the end of the year.

Brokerage: $11,328.64 (+590.90). Similar to the Roth, this increase was from market gains and dividends received.

Loyal3: $333.22 (+57.56). This was the one investment account that I contributed to this month, partly because I can’t save all my excess cash without investing some of it, investing can be addicting :). Just continued to dollar cost average into Coca-Cola stock without paying any commissions.

Thrift Savings Plan: $986.45 (+26.70). As mentioned earlier, February will be the last month of just passive market gains in this as I will be restarting my contributions for March.

Auto Worth: $6255.00 (+$109). Hmmm. I guess the used car market for 10 year old Chevy sedans is increasing? 😉 Just continuing to go off what Kelley Blue Book gives me. Overall I expect this category to generally trend downward long-term.

Assets Total: $33,342.86 (+$2179.86)


Credit Cards: $371.88 (+147.26). As I never carry a balance on my cards and my billing cycle ends in the middle of each month, this is simply my current balance on the last day of February.

Net Worth: $32,970.88 (+2032.50). Not a bad month overall. I was able to increase my Net Worth by $2032.50 while bringing in $2017.02 in income and spending $542.12 in expenses. That’s a successful month in my opinion and shows just how awesome it is once you start investing and putting your money to work for you.

Do you make a balance sheet/net worth statement each month/quarter/year? Are there any other items you track on yours? Please leave a comment below!


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