Monthly Dividend Income: January 2014

Each month I plan on sharing all of my income received from dividends. As I started the blog in February, I’m playing catch-up right now as I would like to share all of my investing activities from this year.

Here is January’s dividend income from my 3 stock investment accounts: Brokerage, Roth IRA, and Loyal3. I collect all dividends received in my taxable brokerage account as cash and manually reinvest them along with new contributions each month either in the same account or into my Loyal3 account (gotta love those free commissions 🙂 ). All dividends are automatically reinvested into the same stock in my Roth.

Dividends Received

Brokerage: $27.45

Wal-Mart (WMT): $0.94

Altria Group (MO): $3.36

Phillip Morris International (PM): $5.64

Realty Income (O): $13.12

General Electric (GE): $1.76

Powershares Financial Preferred (PGF): $2.63

Roth IRA: $8.53

Realty Income (O): $2.77-reinvested into .071 shares @ 38.82 per share.

General Electric (GE): $5.76-reinvested into .23 shares @ 25.05 per share.

Loyal3: $0. This account was started in January so no dividends yet.

January Total: $35.98. I’d say it was a pretty good month overall. Much better than the $0 in dividends I received in January last year as I began my journey towards financial independence ;). This amount puts me at 3.5% of my goal of $1000 in dividend income in 2014 complete so I’ll definitely have to make more in the coming months to reach that goal.


Full Disclosure: I am long WMT, MO, PM, O, GE, and PGF. This post is not intended to be a recommendation to buy these stocks and is for educational uses only. Only you are responsible for your investing and I always encourage you to conduct your own research. Good luck!

How did you do in January for dividend income? Do you have any goals as to how much income from dividends you want to receive this year? Leave a comment below and continue the conversation.


    1. Absolutely man, it’s one of the best things about this strategy. Takes a while to get it rolling with selecting the right long-term companies, after that it’s mostly passive, gotta love it.

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