Hello and welcome to Starting From Zero!


I know what you’re probably thinking, “Great, just what I need, another personal finance blog to read.”


Yes, this will be “another” personal finance blog. But before you go, first hear me out on what Starting From Zero will be about. Most blogs in the personal finance community are usually written by individuals that have been out of college or in the workforce for quite a while, made some financial mistakes in their past, and are now trying to build a better financial life for themselves and choose to share the journey with their readers. That’s not the case with me, although like most everybody, I have certainly made some financial mistakes in my life.


Relative to most P.F. bloggers, I’m pretty young. Just turned the big 21 within the past 6 months and got into personal finance and investing as a hobby through the internet about 2 years ago and actually started investing a year ago. So technically I’m not starting from zero, I have had a year of investing experience which I will be sharing with you all here in the coming posts. But a year ago I was truly starting from zero both in investing knowledge and my investment account balances.


My Financial Goals

My main goal is to be financially independent by the time I turn 40 years old. I plan to do this through a combination of dividend growth and index investing and would eventually like to start my own business.


What can you expect from this blog?

Well you can expect me to share every part of my financial journey towards financial independence including financial goals, portfolio management, and my income/expenses. I want to be as open as I can in order to show that it really is possible for anyone to get started on the path to an early retirement or simply a financially secure one for those of you who aren’t into the retire early thing (which is cool too, some people just love their job). Being such a young age I really want to be able to share my journey with other young people (but people of all ages are welcome here!) to prove it is possible to learn how to invest at a young age and to hopefully help young people become more knowledgeable of their finances.


Please feel free to comment below and introduce yourself here at Starting From Zero. Thanks for reading.

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