Financial Independence and Long-Term Goals

To me financial independence is about being able to live my life the way I want to you without having to worry about working every day to be able to pay my living expenses. It doesn’t necessarily mean I will stop working completely though. It just means that I won’t be forced into continuing to work beyond when I want to.

For me the perfect day of financial independence would be able to wake up on my own (no more 0330 wake-ups every day!), have breakfast, and review the news and some of my favorite personal finance blogs. Then do a little investment research for my portfolios, head over to my place of business to ensure everything is running smoothly (what type of business yet, I’m not sure, it’s still a way off 😉 ), and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever I feel like. There are several hobbies that I would like to try such as photography, woodworking, and focus more on writing. I’ve always dreamt of writing my own novel and being financially independent would allow me the time necessary to actually crack down and get it done.

So here are some of my long-term goals, including F.I., those that will take several/many years to accomplish. I will be posting my short-term goals for 2014 soon.

-Become financially independent by age 40 (2032).

-Open my own small business by age 30 (2022).

-Publish a novel.

-Take a summer (maybe a whole year?) once I’m F.I. and go on a huge road trip across the U.S to visit all 50 states.

-Complete my Bachelor’s in Business Management by age 30 (2022)-currently taking 1-2 classes per semester with 3 completed.

There, I’ve put them down in writing (and sharing for the entire world to see!) to hold myself accountable. I’m going to track the progress of all of these goals here on the SFZ Blog so be sure to bookmark the site and check it out regularly. Hopefully SFZ will still be around when I’m accomplishing all of these in the future ;).

What do you think of my long-term goals? Do you share any of the same ones and what are you currently doing to accomplish them?



  1. Hi SFZ,

    These are some awesome goals! I also wanted to own my own business, and have started small by publishing an ebook on programming. If you are looking for a way to start a business without investing any capital in it, give that a shot. I have only sold three copies so far, but I am continuing to add content.


    1. I should add that I used Amazon to publish my book. I keep 70% of the royalties, so it is a pretty solid way to generate more passive income.

      1. Hi Jon. I’m afraid my professional writing career is still a ways off, 😉 but I’ll definitely keep the e-book idea in mind. I’ve heard a lot of good things self-publishing with the internet so it’s something I’ll have to look into further.
        Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.
        Best wishes,

        1. Haha, I stumbled across this again. Ebooks are definitely a good way to go. You work whatever hours you want. You won’t get rich, but I will make at least 500 dollars annually just with the books I have in place. More books = more income. The best time to start is today.

          1. Hey Jon, hope things are going well.

            Good job in making 500 in profits with ebooks, pretty impressive. This is something that I’ll just have to put off for a while though. Between work and part-time college classes, I barely have enough time to keep up with this small blog, haha.

            Do you recommend any good resources on researching the process toward self-publishing?

            Best regards,

          2. I like pat Flynn at smart passive income. He has some great resources on lots of opportunities including e-books.

    1. Those are some great goals Brian, number 1 is whats it all about man. Get that one down and the rest becomes easy. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to go through some of my older posts.

      I checked out the Motley Fool article, interesting way to think about it. I personally like goals but they’re only useful if you have a plan in place in order to achieve them. Having a good plan and following through is similar to developing a system.

      Plus, posting goals makes for good blogging material. 😉

      Best regards,

    1. Hi John, thanks for stopping by and reading one of my older posts. I like that definition of financial freedom. I guess that’s really the outcome that I’d like as well since most of mine are about having more time to be creative.

      Best wishes,

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